Monday, September 7, 2015


Salut! So I think this week has doubled the amount of times I've ever
gone to IKEA... But we ate IKEA meatballs, so that was pretty cool.
Let me explain why...


So this week has been super interesting! I mentioned last week how our
equipe (companionship, direct translation is team) is the equipe for
closing down and setting up missionary apartments. So again, we're
kind of office elders, but we don't work in the office usually.. We go
there sometimes to figure stuff out with the actual office elders, and
then we do what is needed. Elder Hutchinson is a cool bro; he's from
Wales. It's his last transfer but fortunately he's not too trunky! He
still works hard. Now for the most part of the week we aren't doing
actual missionary work, but we're doing work for missionaries. I
titled this saying we're slaves of the slaves; about 4 transfers ago,
President Roney spoke at a stake conference and told bishops and
presidents that we, as missionaries, are their slaves and we will do
whatever needs to be done. So we joke that we are slaves of the
slaves! But slave has a pretty negative air to it; this assignment is
actually super fun! We're having a good time but still doing what
needs to be done.

We set transfer goals this last week; we decided that because we don't
have as much time to proselytize and contact, we want to focus on the
service we can render for other missionaries. So this transfer we want
to try to do as much as possible to all the places we go to, and we
want to serve them!


So we started off this week and we helped set up and apartment in
Beziers! It's an apartment for a new senior couple, the Metcalfe
couple! So we took some stuff from the garage in Lyon and drove to
Beziers. It was about a 4ish or 5ish hour drive! We arrived and
dropped some stuff off for them. We dropped the stuff off, then made a
quick run to Montpellier (1 hour) and hit up IKEA! We got stuff from
there, then took it back to Beziers. After that we drove back to
Montpellier so we could sleep. We slept at the zone leaders apartment!
Montpellier is a pretty nice place that sits on the coast; we didn't
have a chance to take pictures, sorry! Fun fact: Remi Gaillard, my
favorite Frenchman ever, is from Montpellier. Look him up on YouTube
if you don't know who he is. Maybe I'll meet him someday.

The next day we went to IKEA in the morning, and bought a couch, a
bed, a table, and chairs. It was probably the biggest purchase I've
made in my life (well, it's not even my money). We squeezed all the
stuff into our car, then went back to Beziers. The Metcalfes had
prepared some lunch for us (I flippin love senior couples) and we got
to work in their apartment. They helped us out, and we were able to do
it pretty quickly!

That night we drove to Toulouse and had some time to eat dinner before
sleeping at some elders apartment. In this equipe, I like seeing all
these missionaries from all over. We just have a bunch of sleepovers
and it's fun haha! But after Elder Hutchinson and I had been spending
hours in IKEA getting stuff, we decided to get some meatballs from
IKEA in Toulouse! Haha after we spent the night in Toulouse..

Foot built on top of a Hill
The next day we made a trip back to Albi! Haha I didn't even leave a
week and I already returned... But it was great! Because Albi is a
trio now, they needed another desk. So we brought one to them and ate
some lunch with them. Elder Johnson is really enjoying the trio! After
Albi we returned for Lyon, it was about a 5 hour drive. But it was
sick! We got to drive through some really cool places and see a lot!

Return to Albi

There's this place called "Le Puy en Velay." It's this cool valley and
in the middle of it is a big rock and they've built stuff on it. We
stopped and ate some dinner there. I didn't get a very good picture of
it, but it's a super cool place!

Le Puy En Velay


So this last Saturday was a first for me... We went to a French
hospital! Haha but don't worry mom.. I wasn't injured.. So last
Saturday we had a samedi sportif! We went and played some soccer.
There were about 20 Africans there (a couple of them are members), a
French guy, and like 13 missionaries! Haha we split up and made four
teams and played like that.. So that was pretty fun! But near the end,
after a bunch of missionaries had left, there were 4 of us and still
20 Africans. One missionary, elder  kelsey, went up to head the ball
but collided heads with one of the guys.. And so he split his eyebrow
open and was bleeding. Elder Hutchinson and I went with him and his
comp to the hospital. He got stitches! And while we were at the
hospital, Hutch wanted to get his leg checked out cause he hurt it
last week. So we did that! Haha it was an adventure.. But it went
smoothly, and we finished it off by all getting some McDonald's
together :)

Hospital trip (that's Elder Hutchinson)


We went to church yesterday.. It's weird being in a ward again! Haha
there's so many people.. In a branch it's super easy to learn
everyone's names in a week or two, but here it's gonna take a transfer
or two haha! But I met some really cool members! I'm excited to be

Tonight we're heading off to Nice for moving some apartments... Should
be dope 😎

I love you all! Have a great week!!

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