Monday, September 14, 2015


Ay What's up!

Okay so those not familiar with the city Nice, it's pronounced "Neece"
so it rhymes with fleece. Just to get that out there :)

Also I'm short on time.. So this will be brief.


So I spent my week in Nice. Nice is a super pretty place in our
mission! Its right on the Côte d'Azur. We left last Monday night and
made it to St. Raphael (4ish hours away) and we slept there for the
night. I went to st. Raphael for a couple days in my very first
transfer. It's also a nice little place on the coast! We stayed with
Elder Barben and Whitmer. Elder Whitmer was my MTC comp! It's been
like 6 months since I've seen him so it was fun seeing him and
catching up!
Hutch and I
We went to Nice the next day. In Nice, there's a ward with 4 elders
and 2 Sisters. Theres a lot of English speakers in the ward! It's
super cool. But on Tuesday we played some soccer in the morning with
the elders, some members, and some other people. It was super fun!
Even though I'm terrible at soccer, it was super fun!

So for the move this week, there are three apartments in Nice. Elders
apartment, sisters apartment, and an empty senior couple apartment
from the couple that just finished. We moved the sisters to the couple
apartment, then all four elders to the sisters old apartment, then
closed down the elders apartment. This was my first time closing an
apartment, and it was an adventure!
Our moving car "The Dutchess"
Also this elders apartment was bed bug infested... I've we only saw
one of them that was alive, but we were able to get all done cleanly.

We started out by getting rid of stuff. The elders took all the stuff
they wanted, and then we took care of the rest. It's cool because in
this apartment, there have been missionaries for years, so a lot of
stuff has been left there! Long story short, none of the four elders
wanted the ukulele that was left there, so this week I acquired a
ukulele :)

Our entire week was taking down that apartment and doing stuff for
that. We were driving all around Nice taking stuff places. Nice is one
of the most interesting places I've driven in! I'd say it's comparable
to the aggressiveness of California, the stupidity of Utah drivers,
but worse haha. People literally double up park on the side of the
road because there isn't a lot of parking. Haha it was a crazy week
for driving!

But on Saturday we played some ball with the elders and some members
at the Nice church. It's a super pretty church! We did that for an
hour or two, then finished up the apartments. Before returning to
Lyon, we took some pictures in Nice. We can't go on the beaches, but
we did take this 5 minute hike to this spot where we can see all of
Nice. It was super pretty!!
After that, I drove 6 hours back to Lyon, and we made it in safely :)

Again, I don't have a lot to say this week. But this next week we
might be going to Marseilles or Cannes. We're not sure yet. Today
we're going to go get fish and chips in Lyon. Should be sick :)

Have a great week everyone! Love you :)

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