Monday, September 21, 2015


View of Lyon
Hey Family and friends!

This week was super sick! I got to meet a bunch of people and do some
cool things, all while in Switzerland! I got a lot of cool photos as

Last P-day we were in Lyon (for once haha) and so we did some touristy
things during the day! We went with the other trio equipe in our ward.
In the trio, one of the three is Elder Lindsey; he was in my apartment
in my first transfer in Avignon. But Fourvière is interesting! It's
this old Catholic cathedral. I'm not sure what it technically
is, but it was cool. The architecture of it was amazing, and the spot
that it's on overlooks all of Lyon! Also, while we were there, they
started a Catholic mass and we were able to stay for a little bit to

see it. It was very interesting! When they sing in the cathedral it
sounds really good because of the largeness of it.
Fourvière Cathedral
Fourvière with other Elders

We had to make a couple trips earlier in the week to take some stuff
to people in Annemasse, which is in France but on the border, and also
Geneva! This was my first time visiting Geneva. It's a super cool
city! I wasn't able to get any photos while there, but it was cool
going. There are a lot of English speakers in Geneva, so it was
interesting! They even have an English speaking ward there. While we
were there, we ate at this place called "Holy Cow" and they make
gourmet burgers. It was anything like a 5 guys burger, but it was
still really good!

So the majority of this week has been spent in Fribourg. Fribourg has
to be out of there apartment because the proprietor wants to the
renovations In the whole building. So for the moment, Fribourg Elders
are going to live in Neuchatel with those elders. We were able to see
a lot of cool places just driving around. Driving in Swizterland is
the best driving you could do in the world.

So yeah I forgot to say.. Elder Hutch and I wear service clothing if
we're moving stuff.. so we move stuff almost everyday but Sunday, so
we're in shorts and t shirt most of the time!
This week I got to see a lot of Switzerland. We even got to take a
hike with a family. 

The wife was saying that in the winter, her
husband snowshoes the same hike and then just snowboards down! Haha  I
was dying when she was telling me this hahah I wanna come snowboarding
in Suisse so bad!

Driving in Switzerland

Fribourg is this super cool Suisse ville! It's a pretty old place and
super pretty. There are a lot of German speakers! Elder Hutchinson
started his mission here, so he was already familiar with it. But
because of the short amount of time we have to do this move, we have
been in Fribourg since last Thursday. So we stayed here for church!
(We got it cleared by the assistants). Suisse people are super
different from French people haha they speak differently (better in my
opinion) and they just act differently!
Because Elder Hutchinson served here, he wanted to visit a couple
families in our spare time. So we were able to visit two families. One
of them was the family Rigaudon; they invited us to come on a hike
with them! It was super dope. We actually  they told us to bring
tupperware; But we picked blueberries on some

mountain with that family! The wife of the family is American! Hahah
she's super American so it was great. She said she doesn't see
Americans very often either cause they live in Suisse! 
We picked blueberries with the Rigaudons and then finished off the
beautiful hike. She made jam and gave it to us!

We had dinner with the Bolognesy family; he's the branch president in
Fribourg and he's Italian. He made us pizza! Haha I never thought a
true Italian would make me pizza. So that was fun!
Murten (between Fribourg and Neuchatel)

Also I forgot to mention that I got asked to bear my testimony at
church in Fribourg during sacrament meeting. Both Elder Hutch and I
were asked so that was cool!

But Sunday's here. Our church starts at 1:30, so in the morning we do
studies, eat lunch, then contact a little bit. Then church for 3
hours, then we stay at church for a little bit after and talk with
members. Then we go home and eat. Then we usually contact or work in the evening,  or plan out our week. I really enjoy being back in a ward; 
for the moment it's difficult because we don't have time to visit the members 
during the week because we're never in Lyon.. But hopefully next transfer I'll be able
to work a bit more in Lyon and get closer with the members!

But our weeks are super interesting. We never know what our exact
plans are; we literally play it all by ear. This week we have a
conference in Lyon with a 70, then we're going straight to Marseille.
Haha it will be interesting for us.. Marseille is where Elder Johnson
got stabbed! Hahah we're moving some sisters from Marseille to an
outer ville that's more safe for them.

One thing that I have been learning and seeing lately are families and
how they function. I'm learning what I want to have in my family, and
the things I want to avoid in my family. Families are a gift from God
and I'm super thankful for them! I love you, family!
Have a great week! 
Love you all!

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