Tuesday, March 1, 2016



(Encore means again in French... So it's four again!)

So this week we went to zone training on Friday in Lyon,
Master tacos with some of the trainers and blues

and before it started Elder Kahn and I were playing ping pong cause valence is one
of the few chapels that doesn't have a ping pong table :( and then
President Brown walks in! President doesn't usually come to zone
trainings.. But he came and saw how we're doing, and then told us
we're going to have some new roommates!! Long story (very long story)
short, missionaries needed to be taken out of a ville for safety
reasons, and so they took the two elders and put them in Valence. It
was pretty much perfect how president closed the other equipe two
weeks ago just so that these elders could come here! I'm super stoked
though. I'm with Elder Schettler, who's a homie from Holladay. I met
him in my first transfer, and we know a lot of the same people. And
the other is Elder Wilkey from England! Elder Wilkey is in his 2nd
transfer.. He's just and overall good guy!! But it's super fun being
back in the four man.. The ward was way stoked as well!

We found a dead mouse and propped it up hahah

This week was way busy with a  bunch of stuff that was necessary to do
but didn't necessarily move the work forward.. We were in Lyon for two
days with training and legality stuff, then we just had a bunch going
on... We were able to go to the Thia's family's home for an
afternoon/evening.. We did service for them and then had dinner with
them! The mom is American, and the dad is from the reunion island. So
all their kids speak English and French. That family is probably one
of my favorite ones here! So it was super fun.

Other than that, we had a rdv with Prince Success.. It was very
interesting.. He has been upset with the ward lately, and he was
saying he doesn't want to go to the temple anymore. Those kinds of
things are really sad.. But we bore testimony to him of the power of
the temple and the need his ancestors have of him, and honestly I had
a very deep  feeling of God needing him. So Prince still came to
church on Sunday, and the ward announced a temple trip in April, he
was way stoked about that. And then I helped one of the bishopric
members translate during an interview.. And they gave Prince a
calling! He was way stoked about that. A calling will be really good
for him, so I'm glad he has accepted it..

Here is a picture of Two of the Thia boys! It was Spencer's (middle) last Sunday in
valence until he gets married.. He's moving to Normandy

Otherwise, this week we plan to do a lot of finding! We need to find
some people to teach. Wish us luck :)

I love you all!

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