Monday, March 21, 2016

Conference with Christofferson


So the highlight of the week was the conference with Elder
Christofferson. It was a mission wide conference so that's always fun.
We went to Lyon on Monday for Pday just to hang out, slept over, and
then we had the conference the next day. The conference went well!
Elder Christofferson spoke for about an hour. We got to shake his
hands and all. I particularly enjoyed two parts; I enjoyed when he
opened up the missionaries to ask questions, and when he blessed our
mission. Also, at the end he said "President Monson says hello" haha.
We learned a lot about missionary work and had a great time! He's
definitely an apostle of the Lord.. He brought a powerful spirit and a
happy attitude to our mission!

Otherwise, I saw a bunch of old mission buddies, ate master tacos, and
enjoyed the beautiful weather in Lyon.

Last Thursday we had two appointments for food.. We went to brother
Luotongo's home. He's our DMP (ward mission leader), so we ate lunch
with him and his wife. He's from Tonga, and she's from Australia. They
way cool though!! He's a rugby player. Honestly the rugby players here
have given us some of the best food I've had on the mish.

Then we went to Lise that night! Lise is a recent convert. She hasn't
been able to come to church for about five weeks now... But in a way,
she's still super active! Her kids come to church often, she texts me
often with good questions concerning stuff in the scriptures, and she
truly has a desire to follow God. She has two jobs; she does something
with the army (I'm not exactly sure what, something like a corrections
officer) and also a firefighter.. She's been trying to get a new job.
But we're going to her house tonight for dinner! She lives in this
tranquil ville about ten minutes on train from valence. Her kids will
be there as well! We're eating Mexican :)

pday in Lyon featuring the tin whistles

Other than that, we had a samedi sportif (Saturday sports) with a
bunch of rugby players and young men.. It was verrrrryyy successful!!
It was so much fun and there were some nonmembers, members, and less
actives there. It was way chill.

Our ami Aurelie is doing well. She's not going to be living in Valence
for about four weeks. So we're gonna have a harder time to see her but
she still wants to meet up. We'll try to meet with her with some

Well that's all for this week! I love you all!

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