Monday, March 28, 2016

Les Prières pour Bruxelles


Hey everyone it's been an interesting week. I'm sure you've all heard
about the attacks in Brussels. I don't know any of the elders, but I
actually do know the sister missionary that was injured. She's from
the ward I'm serving in right now. I met her one time before she left
on her mission. She has been in the Paris mission for about 4 months
waiting for her visa, and then she was about to leave when the attacks
Because she is from our ward, our bishop had left to go meet with her
up in Belgium. He was able to meet with her in the hospital; during
our sacrament meeting they played a video from her addressed to the
ward. She quickly gave us an update and bore her testimony. She was in
a really good spirit and happy.

But pray for these missionaries and everyone else that was effected!

But life is going well for us. We're trying to stay as safe as we can. 
Things can be sketchy sometimes. It's crazy how many French people aren't in France. 

So there were some changes in our district this last transfer. Elder
Kahn and I are staying together for another transfer and I am the district

leader. the other equipe in valence is getting closed, so for the second time 
we're taking over their stuff.  I'm happy to stay here again. I like the members here and they
seem to like me. They remember my name now haha. But we're gonna have to try to change things up a bit work wise. Most the time we just end up in centreville contacting people, but that has become tedious and seemingly ineffective.. So this transfer we're going to try to go to outervilles and try porting places out! 
We have a really big sector, so we have a lot of potential. 
They have this really cool investigator named Mustafa. He's from Maillot and doesn't
 have much of a religious background. Maillot is like 99% Islam, but he said he was never really interestedin that. But he's pretty stoked on the Book of Mormon and all. I'm
excited to meet with him. 

We weren't able to see our friend Aurelie this week, but we're going
to try to get a member to go with us this week.

We had an Easter lunch yesterday with a member and some of her
nonmember relatives. It was a very holiday meal. There was shrimp,
foie gras (duck liver), leg of lamb, and other stuff that I honestly
didn't know what it was.. But it all turned out pretty good! Haha

We had family home evening with Lise (recent convert), her kids,
Prince Success, Sophie, and Davy (members). we had a Mexican food
night and it was pretty good!

We went to a members rugby game this last Saturday. That was way sick!

Other than that, not much has happened lately. I'm going onto my
fourth transfer in valence, so this could be my last transfer here.
But the members know my name pretty well, so I'm happy about that.

Have a great week everyone! Love you all!

Note from Editor,  not sure what this picture is????!!!

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