Monday, March 7, 2016

Oui Oui Vert

Bonjour à Tous!

Things are going well. The two new elders are settling in and they're
doing well. We all get along pretty well!


So we had a bunch of mangez-vous (French wordplay for dinner
appointment) with members this week so that was pretty chill. I think
in total we had like five or six. It was probably the most I've had in
one week during my mission! I really enjoy spending time with the
members! And plus we get to meet some of their friends sometimes,
which opens some new doors. The members here in Valence have been
really good about inviting us over and meeting their friends!

Last Monday we went to Lyon for Pday. We went with Brother Lechifflart
(Chiffie). It was pretty fun! We just did some touristy stuff; it was
way cold but it was worth it! We went to some gourmet food store that
day as well and got some cool stuff.. Chiffie bought us some
Figatellu, which is a sausage that comes from Corsica. We at it later
that night and it was wayyyyy good. Chiffie also bought us a raclette
machine this last week which was way nice of him. Raclette is like
this thing where you put cheese on a little tray and then it melts the
cheese and you put it on potatoes with other stuff. It's super good
though! Chiffie has hooked us up, even though sometimes as a prank,
he spikes our drinks with stuff that makes our urine turn green hahaha


Valence! I barely have pictures of valence.. But here's centreville!

We've been able to find some new people to teach. I talked about that
one woman that we helped a few weeks ago and we got to see her
yesterday, and we had a brief lesson with her. She was willing to
listen, and we have a rdv with her next week!

Lately also we've received like 4 referrals in the past month, so that
has been pretty uncommon. We've been able to contact two of them, but
we're trying for the other two. We hope to see them sometime this
week. One of them is moving to Valence from Lyon, and I actually know
him! He was engaged for baptism back in Lyon, but now he's moving to
valence. So I hope we can see him soon!

Well that seems to be it for the week! I just can't remember what else

Love you all! Have a great week!

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