Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Hey everyone!

We had a pretty decent week. Last Monday we didn't really do much. It
was too windy so we couldn't take the lift up to the mountain. We
decided to go check out this marine museum. It was free for us because
we were under 26 years old. But it was pretty lame to be honest hahah.
I got to ride a boat on Tuesday hahah it was pretty fun. Kind of funny
cause it's been about two years. But it's a public transportation boat
in our sector, so we're allowed to use it haha.

We went to a different part of Toulon across the bay to go teach a
partial member Tahitian family! It went superrrrrr well. The nonmember
father picks it up super fast, and the recent convert mother was
helping so much. It was really great.

We got to go to Nice this week for a blitz and so that was really fun!
We saw this less active guy, contacted a bit, and played some
basketball, with a bunch of people. It was way fun! I was with Elder
Nadauld who's in his last transfer. I met him on my first day in the
mission! It was a great exchange.

On Friday we had district meeting in Cannes. We ate Steak 'n Shake for
lunch.. It's always a win! Haha then that evening we returned to
Toulon and had dinner with the Patous. They're a super nice couple
that have been Amis for a while now, but their situation is pretty
complicated. They have a baptismal date for February of 2018 haha.
They're practically members because they come every week and are
active, but they have a complicated situation with their former
spouses and trying to get divorce stuff filed and worked out.. So they
have a date, and now we just wait haha.

Saturday we had a ward picnic and that was super fun. It was at this
nice park that's on a ridge next to the sea. Super nice area! We
played pétanque all day haha it was fun. Look up pétanque because I
don't have time to explain it. But it was fun!

I love you all! Have a great week!

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