Monday, March 2, 2015


Wow its been such a busy week!
So last week after emailing and stuff, we played this game called Petanque. its a lot like botchee (I don;' know how to spell it) but you use metal balls and its pretty popular in France! we played with these two members from Switzerland that were visiting Avignon for a little (I won, by the way haha).
Tuesday, we played basketball with this guy Nabil and his friend. Nabil is a nonpracticing Muslim that some other elders worked with, but we just came in contact with him last week and started meeting up again! We got to talk to him and his friend more about our church and what we do! Also, Tuesday night we went to a members home for family home evening! We had this quiche and it was super good!! 

Wednesday wasn't super busy for us, we visited our friend Andre and talked to him a lot about his family! he shared with us some recordings that his grandparents made. I couldn't really understand a lot of the french but it was still really cool! Then that night we again went to a members home, and she fed us spaghetti so that was pretty tight :)
Thursday morning, we helped this member move some stuff from out of his house because hes moving to Paris, that took a couple hours but it went smoothly! Thursday night, we hopped on the train to go to St Raphael for Zone conference! There was about 14 elders in this one apartment! I got to see a couple people from the MTC and I also met a lot of people! Also, because I'm the youngest, they gave me the bed for the night so that was really nice :) 

Friday was zone conference in Nice! We went to Nice early in the morning and we got to listen to President Roney, his wife, and the assistants speak to us! it was super great! The Roney family is pretty awesome! Then that night we went back to St Raphael, and all of us visited a member over there and sang our mission song to them so that was fun!
Saturday was amazing! We had to stay in St. Raphael for the weekend because we had Stake Conference the next day, so it would have been a waste of time to go back to Avignon. But we started off the morning by running to the beach :) the beaches in St Raph are super nice!! 

Then that day was super fun! All of us missionaries went to meet up with this guy named Max. Max is a super cool Polynesian guy! we played basketball with the elders, a couple members, and some friends of max! Max brought us food that day and we had a super sweet lunch! we also played soccer all together and that was sweet! then that night, we had the adults session of stake conference. after that, we went to a Chinese buffet called lets wok and had a great dinner! 

Max brought us a lot of miracles that day; we met a lot of his friends and now he wants to be super involved in missionary work. there is  a really cool story along with that, but I cant share it because it probably has too much personal info about other people. But miracles are there if you look!!
Sunday, we had Stake Conference which was great, and then a member drove us home to Avignon which was really nice!!
Check out my blog because theres pictures there:

I love you all!!

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