Monday, March 16, 2015


Hey everyone, I've already been transferred hahah! I got transferred to Besançon. its this sweet place that's super north in our mission, and its really close to Switzerland. My zone stretches into Switzerland, so it looks like I will end up in Switzerland a couple times this transfer!! My new companion is Elder Price. He's been out since August, he's from Layton Utah and he's a pretty cool guy!! He Speaks really well.

Anyways, my last week in Avignon was great! Last Monday and Tuesday, we had a couple reunions with our amis and those went really well. Lately, we were able to come in contact with quite a few ancient amis! (remember, ami means investigator for us). But Tuesday night we went to the Farinas for dinner. She made us fish! I'm usually not a huge fish fan, but it was actually really good haha! 

Then last Wednesday, Elder Liechty and I
went to a place called Parnes les Fontaines; its a small ville in our sector, and its has a lot of really cool buildings! During the summer time they have fountains all over the city, hence the name Les Fontaines. Its super cool! We walked to visit this guy that requested to have a Book of Mormon delivered a couple months ago; we had to walk a bit out of the town, and it was the first time I felt like a true french missionary because I was walking on a long road in the countryside in a short sleeve shirt. It felt pretty nice to be honest! 

After doing some work in Parnes les Fontaines, we had to catch a bus to take us to a bus that would take us back to Avignon. Unfortunately, the bus was late, so we missed the connecting bus by a couple minutes, and we were running through the town in hopes of catching the bus! It didn't work though, so after running a mile trying to catch the last bus of the night, Elder Liechty and I decided to eat away our worries with a Kebab. Then we got a call from the other Elders saying that they got us a ride back to Avignon from a member, so that was really nice of them and the member! The members in Avignon are great. 

Friday morning is when we got our calls! I actually didn't even hear what President Roney said,  but we were able to figure it out by finding our where Elder Price is.  Friday we went to Frère Barray's house to do some service; he also fed us lunch (fish again, and it tasted pretty good haha) Then we went and visited this family that they were inactive for a bit, but they've been coming back and now they want the missionaries to teach their kids (the kids are probably 9 and 11 years old) and see if they want to be baptized! They all live in L'Isle sur la Sourge, I don't think I got any pictures but its a sweet place so feel free to look it up.Then that night, we went to Soeur Protano's, and she fed us crêpes! Crêpes freaking rock.

Sunday was a special day because our friend Timmy that we have been talking to because we see him all the time (we haven't ever formally taught him), he came to church with us and he really seemed to enjoy it! he got along well with the members and I could tell he enjoyed it. I even got to bear my testimony because it was my last Sunday. After Church we said our goodbyes and stuff to the members; the members there are amazing and they have so much faith! I hope one day I could potentially return and serve there again during my mission, or just visit after! 

Monday we have just been doing trains all day, but I will  make sure to get some good pictures here in Besançon because its a great place!

I love you all! Dieu vous aime!!

My new address is
Les Missionaires
Elder Steadman
34 Rue Gabriel Plançon
25000 Besançon

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