Monday, March 9, 2015

These weeks just keep going by faster and faster! This transfer is almost over and that's crazy!! We get our transfer calls this Friday; I doubt that I'm gonna be going to another area but you never know! haha

So last week we had a bunch of stuff going on.. So last Wednesday, I went on splits with Elder Lindsey (the other equipe in our apartment) because we needed to make all of our meetings for both equipes work out. He and I went to this place called Cavaillon and visited this member Alain.

We talked to Alain about the family and he said he is going to show us some stuff about his family the next time. After visiting Alain, we wanted to go to some tiny random ville in our area, so we chose this place called Velleron. we were hoping that no missionaries have ever been there because its so small. It's just this small little town with some cool old houses.
So we went porting in the neighborhood, and we met this lady at her house named Lucille! She said that she has been troubled by how the world is today and shes searching for the truth. She set it up easily for us and we talked about the Restoration haha! we are gonna visit her again next week and she seemed pretty excited to read the Book of Mormon.

Thursday, we had our district meeting in Marseille. Marseille is a super sweet place! we had our district meeting which was great, then that day I went on splits with the Zone Leader, Elder Olsen! Elder Olsen and I did some work back in Avignon for the day, taught a couple lessons, saw miracles (because they're everywhere if you look) and then went back in for the night! 

The next morning, we went to meet up with our friend Nabil. Nabil is a non-practicing Muslim guy that used to be a semi-professional Basketball player! Hes a great guy and super open to listen to our message. We usually start and play some ball with him, then we go into the church and talk afterwards. Later that day, we went to our friends house, Etienne! He's a really cool guy and hes got so much faith! he has almost figured out his work schedule, and he actually bought a small moto last week, so we're hoping to see him at church soon! Also, his wife actually got involved in the lessons, and we have been really wanting that for a bit! She really likes to talk about the family with us, because the family is one of the most important things for us :) Later that night, we taught the English class and thats always fun because we get some really cool people that come to it! 

Saturday, we went to our DMB's house, Frère Holman! (ward mission leader in English?? i forgot what its called) Frère Holman is Tahitian. We had our meeting for all of our amis where we talk about the branch and how we can have them help out. The DMB is really important because hes like the middleman for us and the branch! His Wife made lunch for us. It was some kind of noodles, meat, rice, beans, and some sauce. but it tasted amazing! Saturday night, we were talking to this guy Timmy. he's 18 years old, he's practically my homie, and he speaks practically perfect English. We haven't ever taught him, but we see him all over the place! We were talking to him, and he was talking about how he hasn't ever smoke, drank, or anything because he has seen how his family has been affected by stuff like that. I was just like Wow! He's already set up and he's got a great mindset! The other equipe have a rendezvous with him this week, and he said he would really like to come to church with us next week! I cant wait for that!

Sunday we had church (like usual, right?) it was our fast and testimony meeting!! Its interesting how in a branch that's so small, not a single minute of silence happens during fast and testimony meeting. The people in the branch work so hard and have so much faith and its amazing what they do!
We went to Soeur Protano's house that day, and she fed us Ratatouille! You know that scene in the movie with the critique when he first tastes it? It was pretty much like that. it was a great meal!! 

Random facts for this week: My area, Avignon, everyone does 3 Bizou's while most of France does 2.
Also, for French Stereotypes, the one where French people walk around with baguettes? Totally True. So many baguettes, but they're so good haha.

Passez une bonne semaine! 
Je vous aime!!

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