Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello everyone!

My first week in Besançon was pretty good. Its a super pretty place! Its really clean and there's a lot of college-age kids.


Elder Price and I are getting along really well! He's a pretty sick dude! He's been out for about 9 months. And he makes a pretty good Pizza haha.

Last Tuesday was St Patricks day, right? I saw a couple guys in kilts. haha France doesn't do anything but drink for St Patricks day. But they drink a lot!! Long story short, this guy on the tram threw up, it didn't get all on me but it got on my shoes and a little bit on the pants. It was all beer and his buddy was like "I told you!" 

But we had a pretty cool miracle that day; for comp study, Elder Price and I practiced introducing the Book of Mormon li on the street.  But later that day, we had been contacting for probably 3 hours and nothing really came about from that. but we had to walk to the Gare (Train Station) to pick up some tickets, and as we were walking, this guy said "Bonjour, Les Elders!" and we were just like what the? We started talking to him and he said his brother is a priest for a church and he had been studying the Book of Mormon. We asked if he has one and he didn't. We said "you can have this one!" and he wasn't that interested, he said he was "pressé" which means like pressed on time. but we asked if we could explain to him what it was, So i got the chance to explain the book a bit, and he accepted it! 
It was just funny how we had practiced that the same morning then I did the same thing later that day. As missionaries, it seems that we kind of just work aimlessly but diligently. But God truly knows where you're supposed to be going!

Last Wednesday we went to this place called Vesoul and tried passing a few less active members out there and we talked to some people out there too. Vesoul is practically the highest that we can possibly go in our mission, the Paris mission is right next to it. But that night we went back to Besançon and we had branch counsel. I got to meet some of the members so that was fun!
In Besançon we have this recent convert(January)/less active and he got to teach him Thursday! Long story short, he told us in the lesson that his heart is on the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and Islam. We were kind of puzzled by it haha but we asked if he would come to church on Sunday and he said he would. 

Thursday night, the missionaries teach institute! there's only 2 or 3 that come, but its with the president and a less active comes so that's pretty cool.

On Friday, we got up at 4AM to catch our 5:30 train haha! The train took a couple hours but we went to Lyon! It was blue's conference that day! President and Sister Roney talked, and then 2 of the assistants talked (by the way, our mission has 7 assistants, they usually have 2). It was nice seeing all of the MTC group again! They were all doing really well.

Last Saturday night was interesting; the office elders called us last week and told us that we need to go apartment shopping because there will be an older Missionary couple in Besançon soon! So basically we met with this guy and went to look at apartments.

Sunday, church was pretty interesting. our church is the floor level of this big apartment complex. and its actually under a lot of construction right now, so we can't use a lot of the rooms. But the recent convert came and he had a really good time at church. He called us later that day and said he has found his path that he wants to follow, which is the church of Jesus Christ! That was great to hear from him!

Last night I also learned how to skinny a tie and it turned out pretty well. its pretty sweet!

Have a great week!!

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