Monday, June 15, 2015


Busy Albi, Duck Liver &

 Designated driver

Hé fam and friends!

So! I'm in my new ville Albi. Unfortunately I haven't taken a lot of
pictures yet, but this ville is super pretty! My comp Elder Johnson
said its one of the prettiest that he has served in.

But this sector is really interesting. We have the biggest sector in
the mission and a pretty small branch! We are one of the few sectors
with a car. I'm the designated driver because I haven't been in France
for more than a year and there are some weird laws and stuff. But
basically elder Johnson can't drive cause he's been here for more than
a year, so I'm the only one. Elder Johnson is from Arkansas, and he's
been out for about 20ish months. We get along really well! It's super

Another weird thing is that Elder Johnson is the 2nd counselor I'm the
bishopric. And so because he's that, we do a lot of non missionary work
in the branch such as tithing. And because he's the 2nd counselor and
our branch has a major lack of priesthood holders or even men, we have
special permission to visit single women in their homes. It's super
weird haha but it makes things a lot easier in that aspect! Most
members or less actives don't even live in Albi the ville. We drive a
lot to outer areas. The country side of France is super pretty! Again,
I don't have any pictures at this moment, but I'll get some today and
in this next week.

But this last week we've been really busy. We have this recent convert
named Eda, she lives out in the country side and we visited her twice
this week. One for dinner and a lesson, the other for service and
lunch. She's super awesome! She fed us veal this last week, and
neither I nor elder Johnson have had it. But it was really good! The
second time she gave us some beef and some foie gras. Foie gras is
interesting... It's duck liver that has been "specially fattened."
Basically they force feed the duck until it's pretty much exploded,
and then decide that it's eatable. Haha I don't really like it. Elder
Johnson loves it so he ate a lot. But it was interesting.. Eda is
awesome though! Shes a great cook! She also calls me Steve cause she
can't say my name.. I don't know where Steve came from hahah

There's a lady in the ward named Mimi, and she can't come to church
because of her health conditions. But we take her the sacrament every
Sunday and she's super funny! She's from Canada but has lived here for
over 30 years. She has a lot of faith and she really misses church!
She wants us to come by at least once during the week and just share a
spiritual though.

Yesterday was Stake Conference; most of the members of the branch went
to Toulouse for the conference. We had a live transmission at our
chapel here. On Sunday, there was one family that came. They have
three little boys. And then 4 visiting members! Haha one was a young
couple from Canada that is taking a vacation because the wife just
graduated. The husband served here many years ago. The other couple
was an older couple that works at the temple in Madrid. I guess Albi
is the very end of their temple district, so they decided to just

But we've been super busy out here and I've really enjoyed Albi so
far. I'll show you more photos next week! For now here is elder
Johnson and I, our chapel, and just a random spot in Albi.

Love you all! Have a great week!

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