Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Hey I don't have a lot of time again today. My new ville Albi is cool
though; I get to drive a car. Cars in our mission aren't super common
but it's still cool. Albi is a super red place; I don't have any
pictures yet but I'll send some next week. It's not too far from
Toulouse; one of my new zone leaders in Toulouse went to Alta, Elder
Sorenson. He's a bro so I'm super excited to have him as my ZL! My
comp is Elder Johnson and he's a pretty cool guy! He has about 3
transfers left. But he goes hard in the paint.This transfer is going
to be super busy but it'll be great! Since Elder Johnson is the senior
comp, he's the second counselor in the bishopric. Our branch here is
pretty small.

I ate snails on Sunday. They were pretty good! If you just get over
the fact that they're snails then they aren't even that bad.

Again I don't have time again. I'll respond to your emails later. Love
you all! Here's some members from my last Sunday in Besançon!

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