Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Just wanted to send you a quick email. We got our transfer
calls today and I'm moving to Albi! Im still pretty shocked I'm moving
again, but that's how it is so ça va! Yesterday might have been my
last time ever seeing Switzerland so that's a weird thought! But for
Albi, It's the biggest sector in the mission. I heard it has an
average of 15 people a week at church, so a smaller branch than
Besançon. We'll have a car, and I'll be the designated driver hahah.
I'm not sure when I'll email, im assuming I'll take like 10 hours of
trains on Monday, so we'll see. But I'll try to fit it in sometime!

My new comp is elder Johnson; I met him when I first got here in
France cause he was another trainer



Hi I'm alive! I left Besançon at 6:50, got to Lyon at 9:30, left
Lyon at 11:00, got to Toulouse at about 3, then I drove from Toulouse
to Albi, and that took about an hour! Driving is sooo weird again haha
and  people are aggressive drivers in France. But I don't have time
cause it's 8:55, so I'll email you later. I love you all!

My new address - feel free to email or write me:


Les Missionnaires
Elder Steadman
20 rue Dominique de Florence
Bat C Apt 14
81000 Albi


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