Saturday, June 27, 2015

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But for real....My Mission is Awesome!


This week has been great. First off, I became an uncle this week.
Congrats to my brother Brett and his wife Kathleen on their baby girl!
Super exciting!!

Last Monday Elder Johnson and I went and took some pictures of Albi.
This place is superrrr pretty!

Monday night we got on a train in 
Toulouse to go to Bordeaux. Bordeaux is
super sweet! I didn't get to see a lot, and I didn't take any
pictures, but it's still a super cool place!

Tuesday was our goodbye conference for President and Sister Roney. It
was a great Conference and it's super weird to see them leaving! July
1 is when they switch the presidents. To be honest I'm a little
nervous. President Roney is super awesome and we all love him! But it
has to happen. I'm sure President Brown will be amazing! I'm super
excited to get to know him and to see his style of everything.

Wednesday we went to our Amis house to teach a lesson. Her name is
Bridgitte and she's super cool! She has a lot of faith. Her friend
Eric was there. He looks and dresses like a rockstar haha but he
really likes listening in to our lessons. And he contributes some good
stuff too! We've tried to teach him but he's always like "no this is
just for my friend Bridgitte!" Haha but he enjoys joining in the
lessons. So that's cool.

Thursday we visited a less active member, Ambre. She has 3 super cute
kids! We usually eat with her when we go over. This time we played uno
together (I won). but Ambre is super sarcastic and super funny! It's
always fun to go over there.

Friday we went to this place called Mazmet. It's kind of a small older
French ville, but we met up with a less active guy for the first time
for both of us! He's a super cool guy. He likes the gospel and church,
but he can't come to church because he doesn't have a car and he lives
about 1.5 hours outside of Albi. And no members live close to him. But
he said he's working on getting his driving permit and stuff! So
that'd be sweet! He said buying a car wouldn't be a problem, it's just
getting his test done.

Saturday we did service at Eda's. Eda spoils us, she is always
willing to feed us! But we did some yard work (yes family, I did do
some yard work) and then had lunch. Haha Eda put some sausage on the
table for us to eat. There were two kinds and I liked both. I was the
only one eating it, Elder Johnson had a piece but I had like 4.
When we got home that day, I said, "what kind of sausage was
that?" And he was said the French word "Boudin" and I didn't know what
it was.. Then he said "Blood Sausage" hahaha I probably wouldn't have
eaten it if he told me what it was..

Sunday! It was the first sacrament meeting in Albi. The Branch here is
pretty small but there are some pretty awesome members! They also changed
the Branch Presidency which I guess is pretty big! Elder Johnson will
still probably be the second counselor, but who knows.
Thought of the week: People don't break the commandments because they
are bad people. They must simply lack understanding and an eternal

But for real.. My mission is awesome. I couldn't ask for a better place
in the world to be. These people need the gospel. I'm enjoying it more
and more every day. God lives and loves you. Don't forget it.

Bonne semaine!

Voilà des photos d'Albi. C'est vraiment super!

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