Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cannes, Toulon, Antibes, Nice... Paradise!

Hello everyone! Life is going super well down here on the Côte

d'Azur.. We had a pretty cool week. We'll start off with Monday..


Last Sunday night we were talking on the phone with the elders in
Antibes.. They told us that it's the Cannes film festival and that we
should come to Cannes (two hour train, costs some personal money). So
we thought about it and decided to do it! We were afraid it wouldn't
be cool or something.. So we were hesitant to go but decided to do it
in the end!
Well, it turned out to be one of the coolest P-days of my mission..
During the film festival, tons of international people are there.
Literally sooooo many Americans all day long. We loved it!! And we met
some members as well from around. We'd be walking and all of sudden..
"Hey elders!!" Haha it was way fun. We are steak N shake which is
super good as always.. We bought some nice souvenirs and took pictures
and stuff. Saw the red carpet. We looked at some big yachts.. I came
down to Cannes last year in the moving equipe. It was fun to be back
Cool story... As we were looking at the big boats and stuff, we found
ourselves suddenly getting into a small group of people, and there
were some paparazzi.. In short, I find myself being moved out of the
way by a body guard cause I'm all up in the business of Robert DeNiro!
Hahah and then one of the elders was like... "Do you see who that it
behind him?! That's Usher!!" Hahaha I was able to snap a few photos...

But there's my cool, worldly story for the week :)

Robert DeNiro

Usher (and that's the guy that pushed out of the way)

Now to some more important stuff..

We have a few Amis here in Toulon. One of our coolest is Ananias. He's
from Brazil and he's way sick. We had a good lesson with him this
week! I think he'll be baptized. He's just trying to get his life a
little more stable. One of his friends "borrowed" his car and ended up
peacing out to Spain. So he's trying to get his stolen car back; he
said once he has his car back, it will be super easy to come to church
and all. So we're praying for him!


We visited a couple part member families..

One is the family Dehors. The husband is a nonmember and the wife is a
recent convert. They have two young kids. They're also Tahitian! We
had a Tahitian lunch with them and taught them. The husband is
receptive and enjoys the gospel. Apparently he likes our church more
that his own. He comes to church as well. They're a super nice family
that could easily become an eternal family!

The other family is the family Manoa. We had lunch with them this last
week. The husband is also not a member; he also plays rugby for
Toulon. We are trying to teach him. It's an American Tongan family
from California. They're way cool! They have 5 kids. We're teaching
one of the boys because he's going to be baptized soon. Sister Manoa's
nephew was at their house when we visited them. He's like 20 years old
and he's a bro! Hahah he said that I have an accent.. Which is weird
because my family also said I have an accent! I don't feel like I have
an accent though, so it's weird..

We had zone training this week. That went really well. We talked a lot
about the apostolic blessing from Elder Christofferson and how we can
really claim these blessings. I won't go into detail because the
blessing is sacred for just our mission, but we talked a lot about It
and what we can do to improve our work. We called it the Comeback

I was able to do an exchange with Elder Hurst in Antibes/Cannes. We
had a really fun time and I enjoyed the exchange. Antibes and Cannes
are super nice places! We finished the exchange by going back to
Toulon for a couple hours to do samedi sportif (Saturday sports) with
the other elders. We played basketball with some random dudes and they
destroyed us. But we got to talk to some nice dudes and we're going to
play with them next week.
Also I'm pretty stoked we can wear sunglasses now.

But that's about all that happened this week. Thanks for all that you
do! I love you all!

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