Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Hey everyone!

So I'm in my new ville Toulon! It's way cool. It's quite a decent
sized ville! It's the biggest I've served in not counting Lyon. But
the weather here is super nice and it's a cool place. Our work is really good.

My comp and I get along pretty well. He's almost at his year mark, 
so he speaks pretty good French and so we just get to work.
I forgot what it's like to be in such a big area. I love it! Our whole zone is really cool. 
Our zone takes in Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Toulon. St Raphael, and Corsica. 
(I know you don't know what most those Villes are, but if you look up pictures 
of them you'll be amazed at every one hahah. Last week we had
some cool appointments! We have quite a few people here that are set
up to get baptized.

We also have a recent convert that was baptized just two weeks ago!
His name is Xavier. He's this older dude with Italian origins. He's a
super funny guy! He's very integrated into the church. They only found
him about two months ago! He has a crazy life story. But now he's very
into the church and very active! He talks soooo much so he talks to
all the members and gets along with them. Apparently he was using
lds.org a lot just  a few weeks after they met him! Haha he was like
"hey I won't be able to come in two weeks, who do I need to tell?"
He's a super great guy! 

Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

We're teaching this Brazilian guy named Ananias. He's way cool! He
lives here in Toulon with his son (who only speaks Portuguese). We
engaged him to baptism and he was like "absolutely!" So we have him a
date for about 5 weeks out. We're gonna try to see him a few times a
week and hopefully he'll be able to come to Church.. He works quite a

The members here are cool too! There's the Nonu Family.. Ma'a Nonu
(the father) is from New Zealand and he plays rugby here! He's super
sick. He makes us some good food! He's with his wife and three kids
here. He used to play rugby for the all blacks, and he won a World
Cup, and then decided to play for Toulon. He's actually a pretty
famous player in the world! (Look him up, he is actually very famous)

We also visited Sister Burel. She's this superrrrr nice woman that has
a bunch of health problems, so she has difficulties coming to church.
But we try to see her weekly and she's always very welcoming! She's
been in the church for about 44 years. She has a profound testimony of
the gospel.

Sorry I didn't take many pictures this week, it's been pretty busy.
But I'll for sure try to get some more.

Love you all! Have a great week!

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