Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Disclaimer: I didn't actually go to beach and I'm not going to because
we're not allowed to... So calm down before you tell my mission
president hahah

I've been transferred to Toulon! It's a fairly large port city on the
Côte d'Azur. I think it's like the 15th largest city in France, so
it's a decent size. I haven't seen much yet, but I'm super stoked to
be here! I can already feel the climate difference.

New Companion Elder Loveland

Also here's my new address.. Send me something :)

Le Clos Fleuri Bât. 5
58 Rue Augustin Berthon
83000 Toulon

I was gonna do emails yesterday during my multiple hours of trains but
some stranger was distracting me and asking me about the church... I'm
joking of course, I had a wonderful conversation with this college
bro. He was way cool and interested about our church and the
significance in it. He's from Aix-En-Provence and when we told him
there's a Mormon church there he was like "for real?!?" Haha but that
was pretty cool talking to him!

Last week consisted of visiting multiple members and eating with them.
In the end, we had about 6 total dinner appointments throughout the
week.. I'll list them off and give brief word summaries:
Family Barro: Great French meal. That one is going down in the books.

Family Tavella: Canadian French family that feeds us well

Tavella Family 

Family Thia: Food from the reunion island. They brought some of their
friends that are interested to learn more. The elders are going back
this week.

Family Luotongo: Islander BBQ with them and some of their friends...
Super good! They're a great family.

Sœur Gibert: she feeds us like every week... One of the nicest members
in Valence!!

Family Tuilevuka (only Seta): skype calls and chillin with Seta. He's a homie.

On Sunday we said goodbye to a bunch of people at church and then we
ran from appointment to appointment to say goodbye to people.

Not too much else happened. We had a cinco de mayo district meeting
taco party. I almost tore my hamstring in an intense game of leapfrog
(it was highly applicable to our meeting).

But Valence has been too good to me! Six months felt like a long
time... I lived with seven different people in that apartment and
enjoyed every moment of it. I'm very thankful for the time I go to
serve there. Such a wonderful ward.

I'm stoked to be down here in Toulon. I'll try to learn as much as i
can about it and let you all know next week ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾 (that's me
getting more and more tan working out here in this beautiful area.

I went to Marseille for a few hours

Skyping with the family

I love you all! Have a great week!

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